Loaded Bloody Mary Recipe

Yield 5 Drinks

Loaded Bloody Mary Recipe


1 litre of tomato juice

200ml vodka

60ml lemon juice

A few shakes of Worcestershire sauce

A few shakes of Tobasco sauce

A pinch of salt and white pepper


BBQ skewers

onion rings

stuffed peppers




waffle fries

mini arancini balls

streaky bacon



  1. Cook the onion rings, prawns, waffle fries, arancini balls and bacon. I used an airfryer because airfryers are LIFE. 
  2. Pour all of the cocktail ingredients into a large jug over ice and stir. If you don’t want it too spicy, go easy on the Tabasco sauce.
  3. Now thread all of the garnishes onto skewers, just whack them on, it's not going to be perfect looking, but it will taste bloody (mary) good. 
  4. Strain the ice as you pour the Bloody Mary into glasses, add the celery and bacon stirrers and the loaded skewers.
  5. Enjoy! I mean, hangovers aren't enjoyable but this should do the trick. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. 

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